Why Hudson Movers

Attention to Detail: After 95 years of moving and storage experience and stress-free relocation, you can count on us to do what we say we will do. With nearly a century of experience, Hudson Movers has navigated the complexities of local and long-distance moves. This accumulated knowledge ensures clients receive services rooted in proven strategies and best practices.

Accurate Estimates and Precise Billing: We take extraordinary measures to ensure the quotes we give you upfront won’t change down the road! With no hidden fees and a transparent pricing structure, clients can budget for their move effectively without any surprises.

Full Time Staff and Crew: We have a full-time staff of over 20 reliable and professional movers whose job is full-time moving. Each member undergoes rigorous training to handle every item with utmost care. This makes our service to you reliable, consistent, and professional.

Safe and Secure On Site Storage: Our Storage Facilities are security monitored and temperature controlled with private, dust-free containers for each customer.

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What our clients are saying

“Thank you and the Hudson Team of professionals on a job well done! Gary and his team were responsible for my house move. They were so patient and understanding as there was a delay in the closing. They were so careful with all my furniture and took the time to figure how to move my desk through a doorway. They were determined to make it work and they accomplished this!” — Liz F

More Than Just Moving

Hudson Movers offers not only traditional moving services – but we can also provide you with Specialty Services to pack and protect any unique items in your home. We recognize that every home is as unique as its residents, and you may have belongings that need to be handled with extra care. Utilizing our Specialty Services lets you rest easy knowing that your most valuable possessions will be packed, moved, and unpacked in your new home without a scratch. Our Specialty Services include the following:

Antique and Fine Art Moving

– Not all items are created equal. Antiques and fine art pieces aren’t just valuable in terms of money; they carry sentimental worth and historical significance. Special moving services for such items go beyond mere packaging. They involve climate-controlled transportation, custom crates, and sometimes even white-glove service, ensuring these treasures are treated with the reverence they deserve.

Piano Relocation

– Pianos are unique, merging delicate internal mechanics and a bulky exterior. Moving them isn’t just about brute strength; it demands finesse. Specialized equipment, like piano boards and skid boards, ensure safe transport. Additionally, experienced personnel who understand the instrument’s intricacies are crucial.

Vehicle Transport

– Relocating might also mean moving more than just household items. Whether it’s a beloved classic car, a family van, or a motorcycle, our specialized moving services provide vehicle transport solutions. Such services consider factors like enclosed versus open carriers, depending on the vehicle’s value and the client’s budget.

Sensitive Electronics

– Households with high-end electronics require special handling. The delicate nature of large home theatres and gaming setups necessitates more than just bubble wrap. Electrostatic discharge protection, climate control, and even shock-absorbing packaging can be part of the service.

Pet Relocation

– Our furry (or feathered or scaled) friends are family. Their comfort and safety during a move are paramount. Specialized pet relocation services ensure that pets are moved safely and comfortably, adhering to any necessary regulations or requirements, especially during international relocations.

Hudson Movers are also experts in Downsizing. Our professional sales team has extensive experience helping Seniors and their families with all aspects of relocating to a condo, seniors’ residence, or a smaller residence outside of Toronto. With the help of Hudson Movers, you can determine which possessions will be moved into your new home and store any extras you are unsure about. We recognize this can be a big change and will be compassionate toward your needs as you transition.

Hudson Movers: Your Toronto Moving Company

Even a move down the street is a tremendous job that requires many hours of planning and work. Hudson Movers works with you from the beginning of your moving process to the conclusion, taking great care to ensure that your belongings survive your move without incident. When you call for your free estimate, we will perform an assessment to give you an accurate picture of your move, and from there, we will be right alongside you as you pack up and move to your new residence.

Trust is an invaluable commodity in this industry. It’s not just about moving boxes; it’s about relocating lives, memories, and, often, dreams. Hudson Movers, with our established reputation in Toronto, offers that trust. Our commitment to safety in terms of belongings and the well-being of clients and staff, particularly in the current pandemic context, is commendable. The insurance options, the special care for unique items, and the transparency in our operations all contribute to this trust.

The ease of having a single company handle the entire spectrum of moving-related tasks cannot be overstated. It reduces complexity, ensures consistency in service quality, and can often prove cost-effective. Hudson Movers has been your trusted Toronto moving company since 1923 – entrust us with your move and watch as everything comes together flawlessly.

FAQs About Hudson Movers – Your Toronto Moving Company

Yes, Hudson Movers is well-equipped to handle both local moves within Toronto and long-distance relocations, ensuring the same level of professionalism and efficiency for both.

Hudson Movers utilizes state-of-the-art packing materials, employs trained professionals for handling items, and uses modern vehicles with safety measures. Furthermore, our storage facilities are climate-controlled and monitored 24/7 for maximum security.

While Hudson Movers strives to cater to all moving needs, there are certain items, typically hazardous or perishable, that we may not transport. It’s always best to discuss specific items with our team beforehand.

Absolutely! Hudson Movers offers comprehensive packing services, ensuring each item is securely packed for transit. We also provide unpacking services to help clients settle into their new spaces.

Yes, Hudson Movers offers easy accessibility to their storage facilities, allowing clients to retrieve or add items as needed. It’s recommended to coordinate with our team for smooth access.

The cost is typically determined based on various factors, including the distance of the move, the volume of items, any specialized services required, and the chosen date of the move.

While Hudson Movers can often accommodate last-minute moves, booking as far in advance as possible, especially during peak moving seasons, is recommended to secure your preferred date and time.

Hudson Movers understands that plans can change. We offer a flexible rescheduling policy, but it’s always best to communicate any changes as soon as possible to ensure availability and avoid any potential cancellation fees.

Yes, Hudson Movers offers insurance options to safeguard your belongings against unforeseen events during transit. It’s advisable to discuss the specifics and coverage limits with our team.

Absolutely! Hudson Movers has trained personnel who specialize in handling and moving delicate or heavy items like pianos, antiques, and artwork, ensuring their safe transportation.

Yes, Hudson Movers believes in transparency. We typically provide an in-house consultation to assess the scope of the move and offer a detailed estimate based on your specific needs.

Yes, you can choose to pack your belongings, and our movers and packers in Toronto will efficiently handle the transportation aspect of the move, ensuring safe delivery to your new location.

While Hudson Movers takes every precaution to ensure a safe move, our insurance policy will come into play in the rare event of damage. We are committed to addressing any concerns and ensuring client satisfaction.

Safety is a top priority for Hudson Movers. In extreme weather conditions, we will communicate any necessary adjustments to the moving schedule and ensure all precautions are taken to safeguard your belongings.

Hudson Movers has extensive experience with both local and long-distance moves. If you’re considering an international move, it’s best to discuss the specifics with our team to understand the services we can offer.

Yes, Hudson Movers offers services beyond just moving; our team can assist with furniture assembly and setting up in your new home, ensuring a complete end-to-end moving experience.

Hudson Movers employs a systematic inventory and labelling system, ensuring each client’s belongings are kept separate and can be easily identified and retrieved.

Hudson Movers provides guidelines on how to prep your home, which may include clearing pathways, marking items not to be moved, and ensuring all items are ready for packing or transport.

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