What Our Customers Are Saying…

The move went very well- my daughter was very pleased with both the Toronto and Kingston end. Thank you for organizing.

Although overwhelming and tiring, this entire moving experience was made so much less stressful starting with Patrick and his help and great suggestions and ending with the best crew one could ever ask for. These gentleman are to be commended for their professionalism, patience and for the protective way they took special care of our Mother’s belongings.

Very impressed with your team.

Steffanie, Thank you for encouraging me to use a professional packer. Joel is amazing and I see the error in my ways. He has eliminated so much stress in my life.

These guys really knocked it out of the park. They were prompt, extremely pleasant and helpful on what can only be described as tough conditions. Last Friday must have been one of the hottest, most humid days I have seen in Toronto in the last 40 years but they never stopped, never complained and got things done quickly and professionally.

The staff were polite and professional. Thank you for handling my daughter’s belongings with care. I would like to request the same crew for my own move!

Hudson’s service was professional and courteous, as usual.

Thank you and the Hudson Team of professionals on a job well done! Gary and his team were responsible for my house move. They were so patient and understanding as there was a delay in the closing. They were so careful with all my furniture and took the time to figure how to move my desk through a doorway. They were determined to make it work and they accomplished this!

Team was great, we both appreciated their professionalism and caring.

The entire experience with Hudson Movers and your partners were exceptional. I would definitely recommend your company to others.

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